Early Winters began as an informal afternoon of writing between friends and blossomed into an expansive musical partnership.  Based between Los Angeles and Toronto the band is made up of critically acclaimed UK singer Carina Round (also a member of Puscifer with Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan), Juno/Canadian Folk Awards winner Justin Rutledge (vocals/guitar), Grammy Nominated/Juno Award Winner L.A. producer/musician Dan Burns (guitars) and much lauded musician/producer Zac Rae (piano/keyboards and much more) whose recent work includes My Brightest Diamond, Lana Del Ray, and Damien Rice, to name but a few. They are a thriving  creative collective without geographical boundaries or limitations, they're like an old friend, you may live in a different town, but when you hear them, you're instantly re-connected. 

Their most recent full length release, 2014’s “Vanishing Act”, built wonderfully on the raw promise of their eponymous 2011 debut, garnering the group rave reviews.  Now,  with momentum, and a well developed chemistry on their side, Early Winters are ready to make their definitive collection.  Currently in the studio, they have recently started work on their third studio album, which is set for release in 2015. 


"Rough-but-pretty Americana, simple, yet lush with well-placed harmonies." Spin Magazine

"Delightful vocals, strong instrumentation and well-placed harmonies all under a thick melancholic haze." American Songwriter

"Vanishing Act  is a marvelous mid-tempo melodic rocker alternating between Carina’s and Justin’s vocals and at times a blend of both. " The Los Angeles Beat